EyePlay3D is a 3D game development ecosystem consisting of a powerful Software Development Kit (SDK) for game developers to create immersive 3D applications for multiple platforms and development engines.

The resulting 3D content does not require the user to wear any 3D glasses, and apps that are developed have the ability to enable sharing of user-generated content through interfaces similar to WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.


The end-user experiences a 3D ‘pop-out’ effect due to the refraction of the image by the array of tiny lenticular lenses incorporated in the EyeFly3D screen overlay. EyeFly3D overlays come in various models, each designed to match to the unique display specifications of various smartphone and tablet models. These low-cost screen overlays, which double as screen protectors, need to be purchased separately. (See for distributors and online retailers).

In order to achieve the 3D effect, the SDK performs pre-processing on the image to match the lenticular lens array. In a fast-moving game, the SDK invokes pixel-level processing by accessing the power of the device’s GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) through OpenGL ES 2.0 and above or Metal (for iOS devices).

Any 3D image needs multiple view outputs. The SDK provides functions to generate multi view outputs, but also blends them into a single view by applying masks specific to the device display specifications.


NV_SDK is the Software Development Kit library including tools, sample codes and applications and documentation required to develop apps with stereoscopic 3D effects as described above.

Existing 3D apps can easily be converted to stereoscopic 3D using the SDK. The software works with OpenGL ES 2.0 and above, or Metal (for iOS) and is available for Unity, iOS and Android platforms and is distributed in a compiled binary format for each development platform. Please specify development platform required at time of registration.


For Unity-based platforms, the SDK comes in the form of a Unity Plug-in that supports OpenGL ES 2.0. It is also equipped with scripts to generate multi-camera outputs. Unity projects can be exported to iOS  or Android platforms as normal, and the apps published in iTunes or Google Play.


For iOS platforms, the SDK comes in the form of a static library (.a files). Developers need to add this library file into their Xcode project and make changes to the code with calls to the SDK library functions. Example codes and documentation are provided in the package.

The SDK for Metal needs iOS 8.0 or above and will run on a Metal-compliant device.


For Android platforms, the SDK comes in the form of shared objects (.so) files. Developers need to link these objects within their Android project. Code changes are required to call functions from the library to create multi-views, and these will be combined into a single masked/blended output. Example codes and documentation are provided.


When your EyePlay3D-enabled apps are used with the award-winning EyeFly3D screen protector, users will experience 3D on their device with the impression of depth. The SDK allows for flexible deployment and licensing of your stand-alone or cloud-based app. Developers can programme an in-app toggle to switch between viewing the output in normal 2D or stereoscopic 3D.


NV_SDK is available free-to-use to individual developers for a limited time period of 90 days. Beyond that, a royalty or a revenue sharing model will apply. Terms and conditions of usage will be available at the time of registration.

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A Developers Bundle, which includes all currently available EyeFly3D overlay models, is available at a special price for pre-registered developers.

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Integration with EyeFly3D


3D apps and games created with EyePlay3D have to be paired with EyeFly3D screen protectors in order to experience true, immersive, glasses-free 3D


EyePlay3D is your gateway to developing immersive 3D content in a variety of different industries. This is the ecosystem that will allow you to quickly achieve stunning results.

The utilities and applications of EyePlay3D are endless

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